2GIS for iPhone

    What happened was what we were asked so often about, what we had been waiting for so long, and on which we worked so hard. Meet: 2GIS mobile version for iPhone . We promised that she would appear before the end of the year - she appeared. The greatest mobile omission is finally fixed, and your favorite guide is now available on all major platforms, including iOS. The application is already in the Apple App Store - hurry to download and share feedback. What's new and why so long - read on.

    What's new?Almost all. We could not just take and adapt the old mobile version for the iPhone. It was necessary to develop it separately. New design, new interface, new 3D cards. We tried to make everything as beautiful, stylish and functional as possible - in general, especially for the iPhone. The map now displays 3D buildings that can be viewed from all sides. The size of the map file that you need to download to work with a specific city has significantly decreased (in the case of Novosibirsk, more than 2 times).

    Why so long?Of course, the wait was long - some even doubted that the version for the iPhone would be released at all. But given the amount of tasks that we had to complete, it didn’t take much time. IPhone development began in late February 2011. Much has been written from scratch, as the schemes of the previous mobile version for the iPhone were simply unacceptable. For example, the interface was completely rewritten (company cards, icons, screen views, design, code structure). In general, we tried as much as possible to take into account everything that is already in the current mobile version, as well as provide the ability to add other useful features in the future. It is safe to say that the iPhone version is a new, significantly redesigned application.

    What's next?We will certainly finalize the initial version, both in terms of map display and in terms of functionality. We have big plans for 2GIS for the iPhone, and we are already working on their implementation. Of course, the new design and the 3D map will also apply to other versions that came out earlier: recall, these are 2GIS for Android, Symbian OS and Windows Mobile.

    The current version is beta, which will soon become fuller and better. At this stage, your comments are very important to us, so please do not hesitate to share ideas, comments and suggestions.

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