Print It Yourself: what's interesting in the world of 3D printing from the perspective of the owner of Lumia

    Despite the enormous potential of three-dimensional printing, it, unfortunately, is still far from being a part of everyday life for each of us. Nevertheless, enthusiasts and professionals in this field are making great strides, presenting either a ready-made passenger car , or a stunning gypsum (for fixing damaged bones) , or ...

    Nokia Lumia dress , the frame of which is printed on a 3D printer

    In fact, the listing all significant projects can take more than one hour, so let us dwell on interesting projects available for Lumia and (!) Lumia.

    Yes, yes, you understood us correctly: now to print anything on a 3D printer it is not necessary to have a computer at hand. An example of this is the Windows Phone application , written by fifteen-year-old South Africans Gerald de Clerk and Peter Schultz, the founders of the small startup Banana 3D , which will allow you to control printing from Lumia or any other smartphone on WP 8.1.

    However, while the application does not work with all printers, but only with the notorious family of “self-reproducing” RepRap printers equipped with an additional Bluetooth module.

    In order to print any three-dimensional model with Lumia, it is enough to download it through the application from e-mail or OneDrive and connect the smartphone to the 3D printer, selecting the one you need from the drop-down list. The application supports .stl and .gcode files, the latest of which can be found on the Thingiverse website .

    It is noteworthy that the application was originally created as part of the design of an affordable 3D printing system for developing regions. Gerald and Peter used the PrintRbot RepRap printer based on the Fused Filament Fabrication technology (production by melting material) as the basis.

    It has a rather modest price (in Russia it is about 20,000 rubles for the simplest model) and unpretentious in maintenance - as we mentioned above, more than half of the spare parts can be printed on it. The maximum size of the model is 145 mm x 168 mm x 145 mm with a layer density of 50 ~ 100 microns.

    In the future, students from South Africa plan to find cheaper materials for the manufacture of standard components, perhaps they will even open their own production line of printing materials in South Africa, which can reduce the cost of materials.

    The project won the Grand Prix at the Science Exhibition in North Gauteng. As part of the demonstration of the project’s capabilities, students printed a case for the Nokia Lumia 820, connecting it to the Lumia 920 printer.

    By the way, about the cases and the Lumia 820. Perhaps you remember how last year Nokia laid out three - dimensional models of interchangeable cases Lumia 820, allowing enthusiasts 3D printing create your own case options for your smartphones.

    From that moment, we really came across some very interesting specimens. For example, Back to school Nokia Lumia Coverwhich the iMaterialise service designer did for fun for his assistant Jack. However, the resulting telephone panel with a triangle and a pencil mount exceeded all expectations and cheerfully spread over the network.

    Also for this model, we were able to find an excellent cover with a mount for a bicycle steering wheel ...

    ... and a panel with a card holder on the back.

    But not a single Lumia 820, there are interesting 3D models for Nokia accessories on the Internet. For example, a convenient stand for the popular Nokia DT-900 wireless charging . Thanks to special stands, it allows you to place the panel and smartphone vertically, which is convenient, because all notifications will be visible even when Lumia is charging.

    If you don’t have wireless charging or just want your smartphone to stand comfortably on the table, then take a look at the following models of coasters:

    Laconic stand for Lumia 1520.

    The official model of the stand for Lumia 1020 from the Microsoft Store.

    The latter, by the way, was finalized by members of the Thingverse community, having received an additional “window” for placing a USB cable.

    Fans of embellishing their smartphone may like a variety of art covers for the Lumia 920 from Gibbage Cases.

    And for the modern flagship Lumia 930, Thingverse found a stylish panel with a pattern of large hexagons.

    Well, at the end of our selection of finds, there are two rather specialized models: a holder for the Lumia 520 (in principle, you can easily resize it to any surface and any smartphone in the editor) and a motorcycle mount for the Lumia 1020.

    Agree that the above projects indicate that 3D printing is on the rise, but modeling is mainly done by enthusiasts or small companies. However, examples such as the stand from the Microsoft Store may hint to us that in the near future we will be able to print official accessories or even individual parts of smartphones at home with all our preferences. What do you think?

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