Reddit asked its remote developers to move to San Francisco or they would be fired

Original author: Tom Cheredar
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Reddit has big plans to expand its platform towards a "news distribution platform" ... which, unexpectedly, impose restrictions on where employees should live. The other day, Reddit delivered an ultimatum to its remote workers: either they will move to San Francisco (where Reddit has an office), or they will be fired. Basecamp's founder, David Heinemeier Hansson, posted a policy change regarding remote workers.

Guess @reddit 's "suitable talent only exists in San Fran" approach explains why they need $ 50M to hire more devs. Small pond, big trawler.— DHH (@dhh) October 1, 2014

The news came immediately the next day as Reddit announced it had received $ 50 million in investment. Yishan Wong (Reddit CEO) yesterday convinced loyal Reddit users that the new investment would not bring any negative changes to the site and would not make Reddit worry less about the community.

Wong confirmed on Twitter about a change in employee policy that he said was accepted regardless of the investment received. “Our intention was to assemble the whole team in one place to get 100% team work. Our goal is to keep every member of the team, "wrote Wong.

@dhh Intention is to get whole team under one roof for optimal teamwork. Our goal is to retain 100% of the team.— Yishan Wong (@yishan) October 1, 2014

Remote workers must relocate to San Francisco by the end of the year, for which purpose the company will provide the appropriate funds. However, those who choose not to move will receive severance pay.

Stephane Kasriel, Elance-oDesk’s Senior Vice President of Product and Engineering, has already posted his opinion saying Elance-oDesk will be happy to hire Reddit employees.

Answer by CEO Yishan Wong regarding the closure of Reddit offices in Salt Lake City and New York.

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