Google provides students with unlimited free cloud data storage

    Google is committed to providing all sorts of benefits and benefits to students and teachers. Perhaps the reason for this is the desire to take a leading position in the market of IT services for educational institutions and individual students.

    Be that as it may, a couple of days ago the corporation announced the provision of unlimited and free cloud data storage for students. True, this service will not be available to all students, but only to those who use Google Apps for Education .

    Users of Google Apps for Education previously received 30 GB of file space for their data, and some users suggested changing this limit. The corporation has gone forward, and now users of Google Apps for Education will be able to get a place to store files of almost any size. True, the volume of one file is limited to 5 TB, but it is rather difficult to imagine a file that can be useful in studies of this size. The total number of such files can be unlimited.

    In addition, students will be able to get free access to Google Apps Vault, but only until the end of this year.

    It is worth noting that unlimited cloud storage has already been offered by the corporation for premium users. This service is called Drive for Work., and is paid - they take $ 10 per month from a user.

    Drive for Education is an almost complete analogue of Drive for Work , with the only difference being that the educational service is free for its users.

    Via googleforeducation

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