Happy Birthday Nokia 3310

    In fact, the Nokia 3310 is so epic that, once in a working blender, it can assemble back without problems. Proven . "
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    Our iconic Nokia 3310 is 14 years old. His birth was in the “golden age” of the industry, when the boxes from the phones were large and the phones themselves were small. At that time, they were measured not by the number of cores, but by a set of instruments in polyphony, WAP was on the rise, and GPRS in Russia had just begun to loom on the horizon - in a single demonstration pavilion during the Svyaz-Expocom. Before the era of smartphones, a couple of happy years remained.

    From an “ironic” point of view, the Nokia 3310 was the following: a plastic case 48x113x22 mm in size, weight 133 grams, a monochrome liquid crystal display with a resolution of 48x84 pixels, a 900 mAh battery and 17 slightly protruding round-shaped rough keys.

    High-contrast 5-line display favorably distinguished the phone from competitors and predecessors. Thanks to the green backlight, the information was clearly visible at any time of the day. The Nokia 3310 screen has found recognition in our time: the brotherhood of solder and soldering iron appreciated the small, thin display, which is based on the PCD8544 controller, made using COG technology - Chip On Glass. Its main quality is profitability, and in every sense: it consumes less than a milliampere and costs about 50 rubles.

    Separately, geeks in 2000 loved the Nokia 3310 for Nokia Network Monitor . With its help, it was possible to activate monitoring of various network data, change the color of the display backlight, measure the degree of heating of the phone and battery, etc.

    The case of the model was presented in five colors: blue, silver, yellow, red and white were available. The ability to easily change the case spawned a whole industry for the production of replaceable color panels. Are you tired of classic navy blue? Change it to bright yellow or white. Third-party case manufacturers even offered the most innovative solutions: panels depicting favorite heroes of action movies, cars, and various colorful colors flooded numerous communication salons.

    How did the Nokia 3310 sound? Most of you, we are sure, introduced the branded Grande Valse (better known as Nokia Tune). But the matter was not limited to them: the phone offered 35 standard melodies and, moreover, a synthesizer of its own ringtone (for example, already in 2002, the Russian owners of the smartphone tried to recreate the title ringtone of the “Brigade” series - you probably remember this recognizable call). The signal of SMS messages can also be changed - 4 tunes of your choice. There was also a vibration alert, which later became part of folklore, but more on that later.

    A set of text messages was a particular pleasure: in addition to the already beloved T9, delivery notifications and number retrieval from the message, it was possible to create text up to 480 characters. It is impossible not to mention SMS chat - a display mode when all previous messages of both parties can be viewed in the form of a dialogue. An indicator also appeared that indicated the remaining number of characters; Message templates that saved business people time and nerves great (now the new Office people are probably saving time and nerves for new business people).

    Another thing that is hard to imagine without this phone is Snake II. The game is so loved by users that now, 14 years after the release, its modern version is available in the Windows Phone Application Store.

    In total, more than 200 million devices were sold. The frenzied success of the model consisted of several factors: attractive design, impressive battery life (“It’s not you charging Nokia 3310, it’s Nokia 3310 charging you”) and unprecedented durability of the case (“ You can break the asphalt on Nokia 3310, but you will never break Nokia 3310 about asphalt ”). The phone was erased, nails were hammered into the phone, placed under the wheels of cars (and even buses), and then continued to use it as usual. Just type in “ Nokia 3310 crash test ” on YouTube and you will see more than 1000 ways of futile attempts.

    Nokia 3310 as a meme

    He endured everything, he conquered the world and went on a well-deserved rest, giving way to other, more modern models. And now, from a height of years, it seems to us that the main feature of the Nokia 3310 is still not its phenomenal impact resistance or, say, the best design for its time. The main feature of this device is that this small brick with microchips really found a place in the hearts of millions of people. Like the Volkswagen Beetle, Sony Walkman and many other wonderful things, it has become an icon, a reflection of its time, which, we are sure, many now remember only with warmth. Pattern

    : Mclelun Lee

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