RedSlerm turns into a chamber and one-time event

    On RedSlerm (classical administration in the Southbridge style) instead of the planned 70 seats will be 20. Since the main task we see is to record and work out a training course for our own newbies, this is even better: a small audience asks more corrosive questions.

    In addition, we do not plan to repeat RedSlerm. It will be held for the first and last time.

    The cat from the first Slurm to attract attention

    And now - how we came to such a life.

    The idea of ​​RedSlerma

    Southbridge 10 years old stuffed bumps in classical administration. As the safety precautions are written in blood, so are the regulations written by admins' tears.

    Let's say there is a problem of the human factor. “The team sets up the client’s servers according to the checklist, and still misses something. Let's enter the point that after setting up the project must be transferred to the test of another team. " A trifle, but the errors during the initial setup disappeared.

    As a result, Southbridge has a production culture that allows you to administer a lot of servers and sleep at night. Why not talk about it?

    Personally, I would pay (and regularly pay) to see how colleagues work. Especially live: in a smoking-room always tell such that nobody will say under record. Therefore, it seemed to me that there would be a queue at RedSlerm: experienced administrators and IT-managers would come to look at something interesting, and beginners to get acquainted with industrial operation, try automation for taste (for example, script for automatic creation of a web site, database and FTP) take with you the finished technology work.

    Runaway optimism

    After the first Slerm, we thought, since in such conditions we had a decent intensity, we are all on the shoulder.

    Especially in a decent hotel.

    Especially with some kind of reputation: after all, the second event, not the first.

    And we cheerfully cut 70 places + online.

    Harsh reality

    Either I talked badly about RedSlerom, or the idea itself is not very interesting to the masses, but there are few registrations for it, and mostly online.

    We lowered the price, and still the account went to registrations for units.

    When it came time to sign a contract with the hotel, we estimated the trend and reduced the number of places to 20.

    Why this Redslerm will be the only one.

    Preparing for the intensive, the speakers went over all the scripts and practices of Southbridge, systematized and improved something.

    Materials will be a training manual for the preparation of newcomers.

    All this is valuable, but one-time bonuses, so we decided: it makes no sense to repeat it. Let RedSlerm be exclusive. The only time Southbridge has opened its kitchen.

    If anyone is interested, the last places are sold here .

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