English words with pictures and pronunciation from a native speaker

    There are many options for learning foreign languages ​​- among them the use of a mobile application has recently appeared. However, most of them are either primitive dictionaries or the usual exercises from the textbook, translated into digital format. It is clear that in this way it is very difficult to obtain new knowledge, and you have to return to time-tested courses and private lessons.

    Nevertheless, there is a way to effectively receive education using a mobile device - EngCards mobile application is ready to help you in the difficult task of learning the most popular English words . In the application there are already 3,500 thousand.

    It is based on the author’s technique of frequency repetition. Each word after it is learned will be returned to the educational process after a certain optimally selected time and so on several times. Until the word is deposited in the subconscious and remembered forever.

    After starting the program, you will be asked to choose one of four modes:

    It is advisable to start with Learn , that is, study. Cards with certain concepts that have signatures are presented to your attention. If you have the opportunity to use sound, then you can also listen to the correct pronunciation of the word. Please note - the program uses only voice recording of native English speakers, and not an automatic "reader", like many programs for memorizing English words. As the technique suggests, at the beginning the words will be repeated very often so that you can remember them better.

    However, subsequently, the frequency of occurrence of certain cards will become less frequent, and appearing on the screen another 5 times, they will completely disappear from the training program. Thus, the repetition technique is implemented.

    Feel that you are already strong enough in English? Then you need to test your knowledge! The EngCards application (iOS and Android) prepared three test modes at once, in which you can confirm your strength. For those who want to perceive foreign speech well by ear, Dictation is useful - in fact, a standard dictation in which only an audio recording is played, and you must specify the English word yourself. Want to train your memory at the same time? Then welcome to the Write section - you will be shown pictures, under which you need to make the appropriate captions.

    Finally, you can take advantage of the test beloved by many students, which offers four answer options, from which you must choose the right one.

    But do not relax - the program selects only answers that are close in meaning, so choosing the right one will not be very simple.

    It is worth paying attention to the operating modes that appeared in the new version of the program. You can choose one of four levels of knowledge corresponding to the classification developed by specialists from Oxford :
    • Elementary
    • Pre-intermediate
    • Intermediate
    • Upper intermediate

    In total, the program has 3,500 different cards - this is enough to communicate with native speakers at a good level. If you are interested in a certain topic, then you can select the appropriate section using the menu - this function is useful for tourists planning to visit a certain place. Here you can also choose parts of speech - not only nouns, adjectives, verbs, and others, but also numerals, which are vital for the modern information society, can be selected.

    Homepage: www.engwords.net/en

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