Wi-Fi on the passport will be only for paid access points

    The Ministry of Communications and Mass Media specified in which case it is necessary to authenticate clients when connecting to WI-FI.

    Sergey Kopylov explains that only those who distribute the Internet via Wi-Fi for money should receive a license. In the case of free access, you do not need to get a license. A source in the Ministry of Communications confirmed the legitimacy of such an interpretation of the law.

    Clarification was received at the request of the deputy Dengin.

    In other words - If you anonymously connected to an access point, then you will be anonymous! But if you paid for access to the Internet, that is, provided your payment details, then you also need to introduce yourself that you are you.

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    This means that administrations of cafes, libraries, schools, parks and other public places with free Wi-Fi do not need to identify their users. Unless, of course, the relevant organization has acquired a carrier license for some reason.

    But if the organization has entered into an agreement with a telecom operator to provide Wi-Fi services to its visitors, then the operator must identify users.

    In a word, if you are provided with free Wi-Fi access to the Internet and the owner of this point (not a service provider!) Is not a telecom operator, then he has the right not to request identification data from the connected subscriber. That is, access to such public Wi-Fi points will remain anonymous.

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