Drupal 8 beta

    imageAfter 3.5 years from the beginning of the development of Drupal 8 , finally, the first beta version is released . This version can already be used to develop future projects and transfer old ones, but it is not recommended to use it in existing projects, as there are still critical bugs and the possibility of data loss. Critical parts of the API are stable, the data model is complete, as is the functional content. The final release, I think, should be expected no earlier than mid-2015.

    Drupal is one of the most popular CMS / CMF, with more than a million active, active installations . The new version brings fundamental changes, both external and “under the hood”. Here is just a superficial list:
    • More modern code: OOP, PSR-4, namespaces, traits, etc.
    • Using the best modern tools: Symfony 2 components as the foundation, Composer, Guzzle, Assetic, etc.
    • New configuration system
    • PHPUnit tests
    • RESTful: outputting content in XML or JSON is almost as simple as regular HTML
    • Built-in multilingualism
    • Views in the core
    • Mobile-first front-end approach, responsive design out of the box
    • Backbone in the front end
    • Inline content editing
    • ...

    A general overview of innovations can be found here , and an overview of innovations for developers is here . You can try it in action in the sandbox simplytest.me/project/drupal (it takes half an hour to click on the “Launch sandbox” button , it is available only to you, the number of sandboxes is unlimited).

    Let me remind you once again that the beta version contains bugs, and the community needs your help in detecting and fixing them. Both can be started from the Drupal kernel bug page :)

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