Ten best cities in the world for remote teams and freelancers

    The nomadlist.io site sorts cities by convenience for remote workers and freelancers. The main one is the top city for freelancers. An indirect confirmation of its adequacy can be the fact that many cities are already developed by freelancers directions. But there are a couple of surprises: On the site you can choose a city for yourself using filters according to cost of living, range, climate and quality of the Internet. The cost of living may seem overpriced, but apparently because, in addition to the hotel / hostel in the center and three meals a day in restaurants, the “Nomad List” also considers the price of a workplace in coworking - a good option for teams, but managing remote employees

    it requires a quiet place for video conversations, and it’s unprofitable to live constantly in a hotel - however, there are a lot of other useful sites for this .


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