Payoneer changes color. Our new brand

    Many of you probably noticed significant changes on our website: the gray color is no longer relevant for us, the Payoneer brand now represents the whole variety of colors and shades! We are proud to launch the new Payoneer brand and want to talk about the idea that formed the basis of the new brand.

    The world is changing rapidly. Not so long ago, people could be connected exclusively with those people whom they could see. People lived, worked, raised children and, in the end, died in the same villages or settlements. Over time, these settlements began to grow, and people became associated with a large number of people living in a larger territory.

    Today, in the digital age, the traditional boundaries of time and space are gone. We can be connected with a person anywhere in the world. The world of commerce has turned into a global “village” in which small enterprises and professionals from all over the world can interact with larger companies in more developed countries, with the same success as if they were nearby.

    The new Payoneer brand reflects our goal - to connect businesses, professionals, countries and currencies, expanding global commerce opportunities. With our innovative solutions for international payments, an engineer in Bangladesh, an interpreter in Australia, an online seller in China, and an apartment owner in Venezuela who rents it out to tourists can make international transactions as easy as local ones. Leading companies in the USA and Europe can fully appreciate the talent of professionals from the countries of the former USSR, Asia and Latin America.

    We see you, our customers, as our partners who work together with us to create new products, technologies and services. We are always happy to hear your opinion and ideas, and now we have an identity that will lead us to our goal. The photos you see now represent businesses, people, countries, and currencies connected by multi-colored Payoneer arrows. We look forward to continuing to develop this idea.

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