Charge me completely! A panacea for iPhone 5 / 5S owners

    Does the habro-man have problems with the power of the smartphone?
    I think the answer is obvious, that many live from the outlet to the outlet, and even worse, interrupt along the way by charging from the cigarette lighter.

    Today we will talk about an indispensable accessory for a smartphone, which will help to get off this energy “needle” once and for all. It's about the Exeq HelpinG-iС05 battery case . And the charming model Sofya Maltseva will help us to understand everything in detail.

    On the agenda:

    ▌ Technical specifications.
    ▌ Advantages and disadvantages.
    ▌ Design.
    ▌Indication, control, mounting.
    ▌Price and purchase.
    ▌ Conclusion.
    ▌Official review.

    ▌ Technical Specifications
    Compatibility - iPhone 5 / 5S
    Capacity - 2300 mAh
    Input - DC 5V, 0.5A
    Output - DC 5V, 0.5A
    Charging time for the case - 2.5 hours
    The number of charges the phone with the case - 1.15
    Additional features - battery indicator, stand.
    Overall dimensions - 135x61x14 mm
    Device weight - 70 g.

    imageРе Advantages and disadvantages

    For me there are two main ways to recharge a smartphone when there is no power outlet at hand - thisexternal universal batteries and battery cases .

    The first way is to use a universal external battery.
    Today it is perhaps the most popular way.
    imageUniversality. It can be used with any devices that support USB power.
    imageWide choose. At the same time, we can choose a battery in a wide range of capacities: from the smallest, which will allow you to charge the smartphone once, to the most powerful, which will allow you to forget about the outlet for several days.
    imageAesthetics. The wires coming from the pocket to the smartphone do not always look aesthetically pleasing.
    imageOh, I forgot! After several times forgetting in different places, you begin to think before leaving: “So, the phone is in place, but where is the charge?”
    imageChatterbox is a striker. An eternally dangling cord loosens the socket, after which the connector does not hold well, and sometimes the socket can be completely killed from the eternal bending of the cord. In any case, charging in your pocket or bag, one way or another, kills the smartphone connector.

    The second way is to use a battery case.

    It is not as versatile as an external battery, but it has several advantages.
    imageDoes not require additional storage space.
    imageDoes not need a USB cable to connect a mobile device.
    imageProtects your phone from mechanical damage.
    imageWe are inseparable. Forgetting the case is much more difficult, because it is on a smartphone, and there is no need to remove it. The smartphone and case are charged together.

    imageA small lineup, usually the most famous brands and top models of smartphones.

    For what I like the lineup of covers from EXEQ, it is that their covers are not overloaded with symbols, patterns, textures and other obscenity. Covers are made in a minimalist style.

    I would like to note that it is not difficult to print on such a cover, even monotonous surfaces are just a platform for creativity.

    An interesting bonus for iPhone cases is the hinged stand in the back of the case, which allows you to horizontally and conveniently position the smartphone. This arrangement is very relevant, for example, when watching movies or while chatting on Skype, allowing you to conveniently place your smartphone on the table.

    Indication, control, fastening.

    All models are similar to the extension in the lower part of the case where the necessary connectors are located, acoustic perforation for the speaker and microphone, as well as a control panel consisting of a power button and four indicators by which the user can evaluate the battery level in the case:
    1. 0% - 25%,
    2. 25% -50%,
    3. 50% -75%,
    4. 75% -100%
    On button ON - charging started, once again pressed OFF - the process is finished.

    The method of attaching the phone is one of the most reliable, the latches hold it well, there is no feeling that the smartphone will fall out.

    The cover is thought out to the smallest detail, there are necessary openings for buttons

    ▌Price and purchase.

    The prices are divine, sometimes the difference in 2 Amperes is only 200 rubles.

    Apple iPhone 4 / 4S
    Apple iPhone 5 / 5S / 5C
    Samsung Galaxy S4 / S4 mini
    Samsung Galaxy S3 / S3 mini

    ение Conclusion.

    In conclusion, I can say that the little case pleased. There is no feeling of cheapness, it was without the characteristic smell of plastic, which surprised me. The price is reasonable. Maybe someone will say that 1-2 charges are not enough, but in fact this is the very makeweight that is missing in the smartphone itself.
    Is it worth talking about a situation where a couple of treasured percentages decide a lot, I think this is understandable.

    ▌Official review.

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