Create a virtual mPOS terminal

    Dear friends,

    We at Payler always try to invent and develop new products. We had an idea that we would like to tell you and hear your opinion - whether such a product will be in demand, what its variations may be. At the end of the post a survey awaits you - we will be very grateful if you answer the questions. We propose the development of virtual mobile terminals for processing payments from bank cards. Details under the cut:


    Can i replace mPOS terminals?

    We have been asking ourselves for a long time whether the mPos market needs terminals , but so far they have not found the answer. There were many proposals for the purchase of a white label and development from scratch for our Payler payment gateway , but we refused it. At this stage, we signed an agent contract with SumUp to represent this area. For several months we have sold more than 15 readers. Everything went perfectly, demand satisfied the offer, but one person made us think differently.

    If you want a change in the future - become this change in the present

    Once a client came to us and asked the following question:

    “I bought this reader from you, and now I spend hours doing teaching my employees to use it. They don’t understand how to handle this thing. Come up with something simpler, some kind of application. In general, it’s better without this reader, you still need charging for it, one fuss with it. ”

    After that, the client put the mPOS terminals on the table and demanded to return the money to him. After he left, we had an idea. We put together an operational working group on Skype and began to figure out how to replace mPOS. Moreover, we invited not only employees, but also clients to the working group.

    We realized that we already have a suitable solution. When designing a mobile personal account a year ago , we tried to clearly follow the GDD methodology , which resulted in interesting mechanics, but it was still not the same.


    We decided to develop everything from scratch. It all started with questions for clients and designing the business logic of the project. After several hours of discussion and debate, we immediately started making prototypes of interfaces. Our art director already participated in the design for one bank that has an mPOS solution, so we boldly stopped a number of factors for the first version in order to roll it out as quickly as possible. Having identified the main “Wishlist” of business representatives, we determined the payment process as follows: The

    courier arrives with the goods to the buyer. The buyer says, “Sorry, I only have a card.” The courier takes out a smartphone, selects the product that the buyer ordered, and accepts payment using one of the following methods:

    • Acceptance of payment by entering the card details of the buyer. Moreover, the card number will not be visible to the courier - the client will enter it himself. Confirmation of debit of funds will take place at the buyer through 3DS technology, the courier, in turn, will only see the status of payment for the goods
    • Scan a card using technology
    • Billing via SMS (provided by our own service ) or the buyer's email address. The buyer receives a link where he sees the generated invoice for his product. Next, the mechanics of classical Internet acquiring are implemented.

    Once on the main screen, the courier can choose several options for receiving payments.

    Reception can be carried out by entering manually. Of course, he won’t see the card number on his screen:


    It’s also with the help of a scanner:


    And if the client doesn’t want to give you the card, then by invoicing on a mobile phone or e-mail


    Accordingly, the courier can always verify the payment status, see the history:


    And return the payment (if there is access rights).

    It is very important for us to know your opinion.

    The first version of our vmPOS terminal has already been sent to development and will be released soon. It will not be possible to add goods directly from the application, we will add this to other versions, or maybe not, because when creating this product we want to develop it the way you would do.

    Therefore, we ask you to help us with your ideas, comments, questions, criticism. Perhaps this solution is needed for your business and you would like to receive a product tailored for you. You have such an opportunity.

    And finally, a brief questionnaire:

    Only registered users can participate in the survey. Please come in.

    Does the market need vmPOS terminals?

    • 61.1% Yes, such a product will be in demand 77
    • 16.6% No, it will not be possible to replace the readers 21
    • 32.5% Maybe, but this is another project in the spirit of Square, can no one come up with something original? 41
    • 9.5% I'm not interested in payment systems at all 12

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