Intel proposes to consider display service

    At CeBIT in Hanover, Intel demonstrated the new DaaS (Display as a Service) technology that can modify how gadgets are used. Technology breaks the hard link between the image source and the display, just as virtualization software removes the link between the processor and the operating system. Using DaaS, we can transfer the tablet screen to a large TV, multiply the same picture on multiple displays, or connect multiple monitors into one.

    Another DaaS feature described by Intel Labs employee Divya Kolar on Intel's blog- combining pictures from several devices on one screen, so that the whole family can work together, each doing their own thing. Essentially, DaaS turns a display into a set of pixels that any device can use. The screen image can be sent both by wire and wirelessly. At the exhibition, an adapter was also shown in the form of a small box for implementing DaaS in televisions that do not have the necessary functionality.
    Thus, we can say that the idea, embodied in the WiDi technology , which was not very beloved by our habrasociety, for some reason , was further and rather unexpectedly continued.
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