Large-scale update of the mobile version of 2GIS

    The version for iOS is already available, and for Android will appear in a few days. By the way, if the lack of 2GIS for this OS stops you from buying a device on Windows Phone, then you can start choosing a device. ;)

    First of all, we answer the question: have 2GIS been made for the iPad?

    Yes. Right now, you can go to the App Store  and install the update, in which the long-awaited adaptation for iPad displays has appeared. The rest is the same familiar application that has acquired several new features.

    For example, search by phone number. In the search field, you can enter not only the address or name of the organization, but also its phone number. Very useful in situations where you need to establish where you called.

    Another significant innovation is the emergence of 3D models of notable buildings. Moscow State University, the cruiser Aurora and other attractions in your pocket (or bag). Previously, 3D buildings were already available in 2GIS Online , running on  API  and PC version .

    Among other pleasant nuances - a light refreshment of the design. The new main screen, made in the updated now corporate identity 2GIS.
    In general, install 2GIS from the  Apple App Store  right now. The Android version will appear on Google Play a little later. And a little later (but very soon) the version for Windows Phone will be released.

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