Bypass the ban Yota to distribute the Internet from the phone

    Instead of introducing.

    I use Samsung Note 3 LTE (N9005). The operator, from recent times, Yota. LTE on this device is not yet officially supported, so I decided today to make root on the phone and manually turn on LTE.

    Root received according to the instructions from the resource. LTE activated by adding the following line to the /system/etc/lteon_netlist.xml file:
    whiteLists numeric = "25011" ltestate = "PS / CSFB" operator = "Yota" country = "Russia" defaultMode = "GWL"

    I set the owner's access point in the settings - LTE.
    Then we reboot the device and in the settings you can select the new LTE mode.


    When I arrived home, I found that the Internet is through the wire as it were, but the pages do not open (the usual behavior of the provider on Friday and Saturday). And then I remembered that I have LTE! I turned on the point mode, opened the browser and:

    Big blue picture

    How to be?


    The ping attempt before clicking on the button in the ominous blue window was unsuccessful. Means not ports are cut. So the traffic is cut at the 3 (network) level of the OSI model.
    How does Yota distinguish phone packages from laptop packages, provided that the laptop is connected through the phone? Open the wiki and see what the package consists of ? During the analysis and study of the materiel, the difference between the packages was revealed, this is TTL! Packets with TTL = 64 arrive from the phone to Yota, and packets with TTL = 63 already arrive from the laptop (1 ttl goes through the phone)!


    Since the phone is rutted, we simply set net.ipv4.ip_default_ttl = 63 in the /system/etc/sysctl.conf file. Turn off "Mobile Data" and turn it on. We go into the browser on a laptop and voila! Everything opens and speed does not cut!

    Instead of an afterword

    Yota, do not be greedy, give a normal Internet.

    UPD: For those who did not work on Android 4.3, 4.4: go to the /data/data/ sqllite editor and look at the value tether_dun_required, it should be 0.

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