AnyMote Home hub makes any device in the house smart

    Literally every month, gadget manufacturers offer all new smart devices. The convenience of working with such devices is that they can be controlled remotely, via the Internet, plus you can configure various “behavior patterns” of each device for various factors: temperature changes, owner’s arrival or departure, movement, etc.

    Nevertheless, in the home of any lover of gadgets there are still many household devices that are not classified as smart. Many users would not mind including ordinary household appliances in a smart home system, but it can be difficult at times. Plus, many devices come with remote controls that are constantly lost.

    The other day, a device was announced, AnyMote Home, which can solve such a problem.

    By the way, not so long ago, the Medgadgets blog published news about a device that can make any air conditioner “smart”. AnyMote Home is a much more versatile device.

    Features of AnyMote Home

    Developers position AnyMote Home as a hub for all devices that can be controlled using the remote control. The hub works with all gadgets that support infrared communication, as well as some devices that use Bluetooth and WiFi for communication.

    The main goal of the developers is to enable the user to manage all their devices (or at least most of these devices) through a smartphone, using the appropriate application, Smart IR Remote. It can be air conditioners, televisions, players, audio equipment and much more.

    You can hide your equipment along with AnyMote Home in a drawer now

    Through the smartphone, the command is transmitted to the hub, and from there to the specific device. In this case, the signal is emitted by AnyMote Home 360 ​​degrees, so there are no dead zones within the line of sight.


    Now developers are raising funds to launch their device in mass production. Already raised 122 thousand dollars instead of a plan of 50 thousand, so that in May AnyMote Home will go on sale at a price of about 70 US dollars. In principle, not such a big price for, in fact, a universal control panel.

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