VPN on mobile Internet from Yota

    Hello, friends. As you know, at the end of this summer a new stage began in our work as the fourth federal mobile operator. We have developed the “Create an Operator Together” marketing strategy, in which our customers can offer their ideas what they would like to see in the new mobile operator, and we are implementing the most popular of them. The first realized idea, put forward, by the way, by Habr users and vigorously discussed in our blog earlier, was to provide the ability to establish a VPN connection on a smartphone in the Yota mobile network.

    First of all, the possibility of using a VPN will be interesting for subscribers who need a secure connection to a corporate or personal local area network. This is mainly necessary for access to mail accounts and all kinds of local services, for example, debugging servers, scheduling systems, bug tracking services, etc.

    We also do not limit our users in any way to the use of tools for establishing VPN connections. It can be both various web services and mobile applications.

    No additional VPN charges apply. When using a Yota SIM card on mobile devices with voice module(smartphones and some tablets) VPN traffic is not limited in any way. On tablets without a voice module, the maximum speed of mobile Internet so far is 64 kbps. However, for tablet owners, we plan to launch a special offer on mobile Internet without speed limits.


    Generally speaking, it is not always possible to give an unambiguous answer to the question: “Does the speed of mobile Internet change when using a VPN?”. The fact is that if congestion occurs at the base station, a lot of subscribers connect to it, then the traffic control algorithm is initiated. First of all, BS resources begin to be provided for interactive services (for example, voice messengers and online games), as well as DNS queries. That is, priority is given in cases where packet loss or delay is critical. VPN is also a high priority service. This is due to the fact that this function is primarily used to solve business problems, so even overloading the base station will have a minimal impact on the speed of VPN connections.

    Create an operator together

    Another of the innovations was a service where you can make suggestions on the implementation of any functions and capabilities. If an idea gains a sufficiently large number of votes, we consider the possibility of its implementation. And the inclusion of VPN for smartphone users was just the first result of the new service.

    You can send your ideas in three ways:

    - through the special section "Create an operator together" on the Yota website
    - using our mobile application ( Android , iOS )
    - or by writing to idea@yota.ru .

    We invite you to actively introduce new ideas, we are open to any suggestions. And do not forget to vote for your favorite ideas on our website!

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