The Google Play Store will show the value of in-game items in freemium games

    Users of the Google Play store know how many different kinds of free programs are in the application catalog. However, only a small fraction of such applications is really free, which is especially true for games. Among the free games, very few toys are really free. The rest belong to the freemium class.

    Downloading such a game is free, but in the gaming environment the user is offered a mass of goods and services, including increasing lives, accelerations, bonuses, etc. Often, without all this, it is simply impossible to go beyond a certain level, and the gamer enthusiastically has to buy these things and bonuses. Even adults are not always adequate in the matter of such purchases, but what about children?

    Google is trying to fix the problem - previously introduced a constant request for a payment password, now - the company plans to show the cost of in-game purchases already in the directory for all freemium games.

    This will be done from September 30, and for each application with the ability to buy something inside the game, a detailed price list will be displayed in the description of the game in the catalog. So with the adequacy of prices and the desire to download such a "free" game, you can decide at the start.

    Not so long ago, the European Commission demanded that Google and other companies that have application catalogs make in-game purchases as transparent as possible. Part of the agreement is Google’s commitment to remove the word "free"from all applications where developers have left the opportunity to make purchases. Now one more step has been taken in this direction, which reduces the likelihood of an accidental / emotional purchase of something by a child or an adult.

    By the way, Apple already shows the cost of in-game goods for games in the App Store, now the Corporation of Good has taken a similar step.

    Via androidcentral

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