Webmin - the way we all would like to see him

Webmin is a web-based interface for Unix system administration. Which system administrators do not know about this?

Everyone also knows that the Webmin projectwas started a very long time ago (about 15 years ago), which left its mark on the management and integration of modern themes (skins) for the panel. Some modern modules in Webmin are managed through a library calledui-lib.pl, included in its distribution, which processes the module arriving for further display. But the problem is that many of the modules presented, due to their antiquity, do not interact with the library mentioned above. Old modules were simply created individually, as it turns out. According to the developers, the complete separation of the problem логикиand презентацииwill be completely eliminated in the version of the Webmin 2.0 We do , but it will happen years later.

Today, creating an ideal theme for the design of the panel, observing all modern rules and standards, is extremely difficult. Having set this task for myself, and having spent about 200 hours of work, in the end, I got a result that turned out to exceed all my initial expectations.


To build a theme that I called Authentic - theme for Webmin / Usermin / Virtualmin / Cloudmin based on Bootstrap and Font Awesome that is made with love . Initially, I used the alpha release of the existing theme that used Bootstrap and Font Awesome . Only the same alpha release was not suitable for everyday use, due to the fact that it worked with only about 10% of all control panel content. In addition, mistakes made by previous authors during development did not even allow saving changes in most of the cases, since the form simply did not contain the necessary (lost) attributes.

I fixed all this in my work, releasing an absolutely working and suitable for daily use version of the theme.

Authentic runs the latest versions of Bootstrap and jQuery , uses Font Awesome , CodeMirror, and several other modern plugins.


  • The theme should work with all Webmin / Usermin modules;
  • Be enjoyable, fast, easy and easy to use;
  • Be compatible with all platforms and mobile devices.

Functionality (at the time of version 13.0.0)

  • Editable theme settings when using the Webmin interface;
  • Autocomplete when searching in the menu selection, the name of the virtual servers / machines;
  • Keyboard shortcuts for quick switching
  • Security Notices
  • Enhanced support for ConfigServer Security & Firewall, with additionally integrated search and filtering functions;
  • Highlighting code, with line numbers, when editing configuration files manually;
  • The ability to add your own logo;
  • Unprecedented equally convenient and complete navigation, both on the Desktop and Mobile versions.

How to install Authentic theme ?

For instructions on using the theme, just look at the FAQ on my GitHub repository , everything is described in detail there. I advise you to read the section on creating symlink for the Usermin theme to avoid unnecessary work.

For those who just want to download and install a theme:
  1. Download the finished theme;
  2. Install it for Webmin following in Webmin->Webmin Configuration->Webmin Themes->Install themes->From uploaded fileor for Usermin following at Webmin->Usermin Configuration->Usermin Themes->Install themes->From uploaded file.

If Virtualmin / Cloudmin modules are already installed on the server , then you do not need to do anything, everything will just work.

An important detail is that for the topic to work fully, the latest versions of Webmin / Usermin / Virtualmin / Cloudmin are needed . The minimum requirements for Webmin are version 1.730, for Usermin - version 1.640, for Virtualmin - version 4.14, and for Cloudmin - version 8.01.

The theme is included in the official Webmin distribution and we are talking about making Authentic Theme the default theme.

Thank you all for your attention.

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