New service from for operator billing for purchases in Windows Phone and Windows applications

    Good news for Windows Phone and Windows developers! Fortumo , a

    company known to many Android developers and providing carrier billing for mobile applications, has now opened its service for Windows Phone and Windows developers in Russia . Using this service in your application will provide your users with the opportunity to make purchases within the application without using a bank card , directly from the account of the mobile operator. For the developer, this is an opportunity to win an additional audience of people who, for some reason, do not want to use cards for mobile payments. In connection with the launch of its service, Fortumo

    launched a special campaign that allows you to get an additional $ 5,000 to advertise your application on the AdDuplex network (if the income of your application is from $ 2,000 per month).

    The main advantages of using the service

    • Mobile operator billing - does not require a credit card or registration. Available to more than 4 billion users worldwide.
    • Service self-tuning, activation within minutes and easy integration.
    • The best coverage. With Fortumo, you can accept payments from a user without a credit card on 6 of 7 continents (so far without Antarctica).
    • No connection fee, no monthly fee, no minimum turnover. Simple sharing of income from each transaction. Service receives its commission only if you receive income!

    How to start using the developer

    1. Register on
    2. Fill out the profile and enter your bank account information to withdraw funds.
    3. Set up mobile payments:

    2. Wait for the user to make purchases. If everything goes fine, Fortumo completes the transaction and informs the developer of the successful payment. At the end of the month, earned money will be transferred to the specified account to the developer.

    What does the service look like for the user

    1. The user makes a purchase. After confirming the payment, the money will be withdrawn from the phone account.

    2. Fortumo processes the payment. The transaction is checked for fraud and redirected to the appropriate mobile operator.
    3. If the payment is completed successfully, the user receives paid goods. The operator checks the balance of the subscriber and informs Fortumo about the successful payment.


    Carrier billing is a popular way to make purchases on mobile devices around the world and now for Windows Phone and Windows applications there is a simple way to implement and use it.

    Leading game industry vendors such as Game Insight , Creative Mobile , Boyaa , Herocraft, and Floor84 Studios are already using Fortumo for in-app billing!

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