The new version of Android will encrypt user data by default

    The ability to encrypt user data for users of Android devices existed (since 2011) and exists now, but such an opportunity was offered as an option. Now, in the new version of Google’s mobile operating system, data encryption will be enabled when the device is activated, by default.

    Google has announced its intention to encrypt user data by default in new versions of Android, following Apple’s announcement of new steps to introduce additional user data protection in its software and hardware products.

    The end result - all data will be available to the user only after entering the correct password. “In the next release of Android OS, encryption will be enabled by default and will work out of the box, so you don’t have to worry about enabling this feature,” the corporation spokesman said.

    According to company representatives, Google has been working on the implementation of the new encryption system for several months. And this step is due, first of all, to the intention of large technology corporations to avoid significant pressure from government agencies on users working with products of such companies. The default encryption is one of the important steps towards protecting private information from external interference.

    The next version of the mobile OS from Google was called Android L. The system has undergone significant changes, both purely visual, as well as additions and changes to various functions and capabilities.

    As for Apple, the company will also encrypt all user data in the new iOS 8, you can upgrade to this version of the OS now.

    Via theverge

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