Hello community!

    An idea reveals value in its implementation.
    I never managed to part with the domain then, although I sincerely believed that someone would want (be able) to take everything into their own hands and bring the matter to a logical conclusion.
    But a miracle still happened, for Velorama , an excellent engine with social functionality was found - Livestreet .

    So, I invite you to participate in a new project dedicated to bicycle / cyclists / pokatushkami / maps / alkobike / and much more. We are trying to create a convenient platform for the emergence and development of a community of bike lovers, where cyclists, regardless of their professional level, model of a bicycle, riding style, etc., will be able to find interesting people to talk to, organize events together, ride, share impressions about the routes traveled, get advice or find an answer on how to set up a bicycle or choose equipment, etc. ...

    Unfortunately, I am not particularly familiar with programming, my knowledge in the field of web development is only enough to install a motion ka and minimal setup, so I turned for help to my friend and colleague, Alexei , and we continued.
    Alexey implemented a route editor based on the Yandex.Map API. To test the editor, when writing a topic, you need to select the “compass with pencil” tool. The map is shown in relation to the user profile (if a city is specified, then it is automatically focused on it, otherwise Odessa is shown :)) You can put a route
    with a brief description on the map with a brief description, the length of the route is calculated automatically.

    From the planned:
    - integration with catalogs or online stores (for example, by clicking on the bicycle model specified by the user in the profile, the corresponding offer of the bike store, etc. will be opened);
    - general user bike map with layers: bike shops, maintenance shops, parking lots, etc .;
    - the ability to export a map with a route in the form of a static image or in the form of a code to be inserted into your website / blog.

    I hope many of you, like us, love to ride a bike, in which case we are happy to welcome you to the Velorama !

    Constructive criticism is very welcome, and we would be very glad of all support and help.

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