Soldiers protest against video game on Iraq

    British officers urge to ban the release of the recently announced shooter Six Days in Fallujah, dedicated to the military operations in Fallujah, which was held in Iraq in 2004.

    This game, due out early in 2010 on Play Station 3 and Xbox 360 consoles, is being created by Atomic Games using photos, videos, and memories (tales) of the U.S. Marines participating in the battle for Fallujah.

    One of the participants in the hostilities, retired British Colonel Tim Collins, comments on his protest against Six Days in Fallujah: "It's too early to make video games on the events of the recent war, especially considering that it has not ended yet." And he called the developers "insensitive."

    You can understand the colonel. But the words of the president of Atomic Games, developing a game for Konami, I personally do not like at all. He said that “while developing this game, we were faced with the problem of showing the horrors of war in a game, which should actually be entertaining, and at the same time, how best to show people the historical events that have happened in a way that only a video game can do” .

    In my opinion, the developers simply cover up the old principle for pathos words: “strike the iron while it’s hot”. After all, games created “based on” well-known conflicts of the past diverge with a bang. And if the events took place recently, the success of sales is guaranteed all the more.

    Or maybe it's just PR so ... complicated.

    via techdigest

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