Is Opera Turbo rather evil or good?

    It turns out that Opera Turbo has one side (and for some, maybe the main) property, which can cause a lot of headache to network administrators, ordinary users, and even just parents.

    Suppose a corporate proxy has a cutter of unwanted traffic, where sites of a certain direction are blocked. Or maybe you have connected opendns to block unwanted sites for you or your children.

    And now you are updating your favorite opera to the latest version and enjoy the wonderful opera turbo mode. And you are surprised to find that neither open dns nor the rules on the corporate proxy work anymore.

    It is clear that the opera server is just a proxy. But notice what a convenience. We open the site, it is blocked. With one click (!) We turn on opera turbo and now, we are already connected to a stable and fast proxy server, which allows you to circumvent existing restrictions. No need to look for lists of working proxies, or messing around with the installation of additional software. One click and you're done.

    How do you think this is rather good or bad?

    I suspect that if everything remains as it is, Opera Turbo servers will very quickly get blacklisted by various local proxies, Opera is unlikely to get into or even disappear from the corporate sector, and OpenDNS will not be able to offer anything to solve this problem.

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