The first bipedal marathon

    In the Japanese city of Osaka on Thursday launched the first-ever marathon of two-legged robots . Five iron athletes from 30 to 44 cm in size participate in the race. They must overcome the traditional distance of 42195 m (422 circles under the roof). Attendants have the right to change batteries and motors, but if the robot loses balance, it must stand up independently.

    According to preliminary estimates, the entire distance from the humanoids will take about four days, that is, the finish is expected no earlier than Sunday. This competition is more about reliability than speed. Live broadcasting is going on here .

    The race was organized by Vstone., a manufacturer of robots from Osaka. They hope that in the future the marathon will become international and attract hundreds of participants. For example, in 1997, Japan’s Nagoya hosted the world's first soccer robot championship, and since then the competition has become a tradition. In 2010, 500 teams from 40 countries came to Singapore for the next such championship.

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