Creating a project portal using Google technologies

    Project management collaboration

    Good day to all!

    By the nature of their activities, it is necessary to solve the problem of ensuring the interaction of the project team, distributed geographically. One of the solutions to this problem is to create a project portal, which will be available in 24x7x365 mode, provide information on the current status of the project, signal deadlines, and provide access to project documentation.

    GoogleSites has an appropriate template for the project portal. Let me give you a brief overview.

    The template can be found here.

    The main condition for creating such a portal is that each of the participants in the project team has a Google account.

    The process of creating a site based on this template is no different from creating any site on GoogleSites. Standard questions will be offered, in particular, you can determine whether this site will be available to all or only to users selected by you.

    Availability for calendar events is configured in Google Calendar, and for documentation in Google Docs.

    After creating the site, the following sections are available to us:
    • My page - personal page of the project participant
    • Project Challenges
    • Project Risks
    • Scheduled Events - Using Google Calendar
    • Tasks
    • The calendar
    • Project Documentation - Submitted Using GoogleDocs
    • Project News
    • Feedback

    Of course, there is the opportunity to add your own section, if necessary.

    Project Home

    The main page has everything you need to quickly familiarize yourself with the project and the current situation of the project.

    If necessary, you can also change the layout of the main page and add the necessary elements.

    Project problems, risks and challenges

    You can add a problem (risk or task) with the following attributes:
    • Headline
    • Addressed to
    • Status
    • A priority
    • Term
    • Performed %

    Each of the attributes can be edited or, if necessary, added your own.
    You can also attach a file and keep comments on a problem, risk or task. Pretty fast and convenient mechanism.

    Scheduled Events and Calendar

    The page has a built-in Google Calendar with all its features.

    Project Documentation

    In my opinion, GoogleDocs is the best way to collaboratively develop design documentation.

    Thus, in just a few minutes we got a full project portal. You can already begin to set goals, plan events and achieve your goals.

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