Windows 7 will probably be available on October 23

Original author: Chris Hall
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Acer claims that Windows 7 will be available on their new All-in-one Z5600 series PC from October 23 this year, and not by the end of January 2010, as Microsoft claimed.

Also, according to rumors, the release of the operating system will take place closer to the end of 2009, and Microsoft should officially confirm in the near future that Windows 7 will be released earlier than the announced period of 3 years after the release of Vista.

Acer also said that owners who have purchased any model with Vista installed can upgrade to Windows 7 for free.

“October 23 is the date Windows 7 becomes available. There is also a 30-day update period for customers who do not want to wait for a new computer, so if you buy a computer during this period, you can upgrade to Windows 7 for free "Said Bobby Watkins, general manager of Acer UK.

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