Proxies only to the place

    During yesterday's holiday distribution of invites, I finally got access to the torrent tracker (thanks yolenzo ).
    But here one unpleasant moment opened - the administration of this tracker disliked users from Ukraine, where I actually live. I had to think about a proxy. However, I would like to continue to get access to the rest of the Internet directly, and each time I go into the settings of Firefox - laziness.
    First, I wanted to organize the automatic inclusion of the proxy during access to a specific address. But while searching for a suitable plugin, I came across QuickProxy , a small addition that adds a proxy on / off button to the status bar:

    Just click on the icon before downloading the site that you want to access through the proxy, and you're done :)

    Update: infotim gave a tip to the FoxyProxy plugin , which, as I understand it, allows you to fine-tune the work with the proxy in firefox. A very useful thing, but I always liked the simple one-button solutions :)

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