Cryptographic password hint

    It is often necessary to enter the site on someone else's computer, and remembering tens and hundreds of passwords of the form Wj7mH & h $ 0l is pure madness or the path to it.
    A flash drive with a password keeper is not an option, because I do not trust other people's computers, especially such information. A sheet of recorded passwords can be lost or stolen with a wallet ... I solved this issue for myself by creating a small “cryptographic hint” that allows you to record a password of any complexity and hide it from strangers.

    The tooltip is two 10x10 character tables. For example, this: In the left alphabet in order and the main characters, you can enter the Cyrillic alphabet (depending on your preference). In the right set of Latin letters in different registers, numbers and characters in random order.

    In the left table we store the login or site name, in the right - the password.
    For example, to remember a password on a hub, it’s enough for me to remember only the password, respectively, in the left I look for the letters habrahabr and in the right they correspond to $ \> 4 \ $ \> 4 .
    You can use an uppercase letter as the first, this will expand the variation or username instead of the name. The main thing here is to decide once how you will do it, so as not to get confused later.
    It is not scary to lose such a piece of paper, in terms of security, and there is no need to remember complex passwords.

    Disadvantage: at first it’s not very fast to play the password, but over time you see passwords on the fly. The second drawback of changing one password will lead to the need to change passwords on all other sites, which, in principle, is useful to periodically do.

    If you like this idea, then carefully consider the choice of font, as the characters are: zero, letter o, lowercase l, uppercase I, etc. should be clearly distinguishable.

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