Podcast 9 is the eighth edition. So a month has passed

    In the eighth issue, Peter Didenko and Mikhail Chernomordikov discuss the eventful April - the Imagine Cup, ReMIX, RIF + CIB, discuss the features of work at Microsoft, a number of technological news and answer listeners' questions.

    An example of a micro-test from Aiboy, where opera is faster - kip.ru/tqb0
    Interview with our person in IIS, Ruslan Yakushev - kip.ru/6gvw
    Interview on ReMIX - remix.ru/Talks
    Smooth Streaming from RuTube - silverlight. rutube.ru
    What is Smooth Streaming - tinyurl.com/d62ay7
    Desktop Search Windows Search 4.0 - kip.ru/sao7
    Launch IE8 without plugins - iexplore.exe -extoff The
    new "social" from Microsoft -www.vine.net
    Microsoft Vine review - kip.ru/m2ps
    New regional directors of MS in Russia - kip.ru/hcdb Top
    secret materials from ReMIX - remix.ru/SecretLink
    Video recordings of Balmer's speech - remix.ru/Sessions/Session/BallmerSpeech
    Expression Web SuperPreview - tinyurl.com/cobp3s SketchFlow
    online report - tinyurl.com/dhew3o

    Our Twitter account - twitter.com/mixen , twitter.com/pdidenko and twitter.com/remixru
    Our podcast address is podcast9.ru
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