About Google.Adwords Coupons

    2 years ago, I first used the coupon from Google to advertise on a new account.
    Then the coupon was, indeed, not so easy to get and everything was within normal limits.
    Now coupons are handed out everywhere! Left and right. I just received a letter (I note that I didn’t even use RBK Money, I just registered!). What does this lead to?

    And besides, the cost of a click is growing . It is growing rapidly.
    Do not fall for this trick.
    Firstly, you will have to pay 400 rubles for account activation.
    Secondly, when advertising one URL from two different "coupon" accounts, you will be blocked.
    Thirdly, for 400 rubles in Yandex.Direct, the result will be much better, since the cost of a click in similar topics is 10 times less! Why? So because Yandex - well done, they do not depreciate the domestic currency with easily accessible coupons .

    Facebook has also gone in the footsteps of Google. There's also no problem getting a $ 50 coupon.
    Itself was advertised. The return was many times lower than VKontakte.

    Take a look at what coupons with advertising networks do, good people!

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