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    The fate of the small resource is interesting, which the author talks about in the blog of his new project .

    So, about a week ago, a certain young man decided to try writing a Facebook application that allows him to monitor the “family” statuses of his friends and receive notifications about their changes.
    Over the weekend, he posted a link to it on his Twitter and on the IT news resource , but did not receive a significant response during the first hour.

    However, after an hour the publication began to actively receive votes. People began to post links to the project on Twitter and Facebook, then TechCrunch connected. After that, the dam was “broken”: a “home” TV channel in Missouri, a radio station in Miami, and a newspaper in Brazil told about the project. As a result, in the first 24 hours of its existence, the project was visited by more than 116,000 people.

    What does this tell us? The author believes that this experience showed that people really, most of all, value sex .

    Soon after reaching the peak of traffic, Facebook disabled the application’s API access and blocked it without explaining the reasons. Communication with Facebook did not particularly clarify the situation, and the author still does not know why he was banned.

    So in the meantime, the author decided to create a new mini-project: The
    rules are simple: you tell which of your Facebook friends you like (the number of “crashes” is limited), but the friend doesn’t know exactly who “laid eyes” while he / she also does not admit sympathy for you.
    As soon as the application receives news of mutual interest, an email notification is sent to both users.

    (What people just won’t come up with, just to not talk to each other. And what a scope for applications that can help them in this!)

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