How we did the accelerator QIWI Universe


    Maxim Avdeev, one of the authors of the QIWI Universe project, talks about how it all began and how it is developing now. What is QIWI Universe, we wrote here .

    Accelerator was born long and hard. The idea to change the paradigm of project search, to build an environment that reproduces innovations around QIWI, turned into a conscious format very gradually.

    On the one hand, this is a series of awareness (aaaa, for sure!), Creativity, strategic sessions with colleagues, and on the other, a classic project work (decomposition of goals into tasks and questions, Gantt charts, network charts, financial models, KPI etc.). I like to look at any project systematically and three-dimensionally. Now I remember how hot we are with Lesha BarinskyWe discussed what an accelerator should be like, “sold” it inside QIWI, while correcting the model.

    At the preparation stage, we passed through ourselves mountains of analytical, operational information, actively got acquainted with the industry and looked for “our way”. We found him after the MSU Business Incubator team joined us (guys, hello and respect to you). In our design, as if a missing element appeared, and everything stirred. Creative harmony has come.

    A model is good when it is individual and meets the goals and interests of the company. We worked on this synchronization, among other things. Inside the company there is the concept of “QIWI-fit” applied to new employees. This is a hard-to-describe term, it is usually felt: our person or not ours. So, we built the accelerator as much as possible QIWI-FIT.

    We took this into account in branding, communication and content model. I personally really like to think up, create: I remember how I spent a creative session, from which came out slogans, visual images, content that we still actively use. As a result, we scored awesome projects. They have every chance to grow into truly global stories.

    We have a unique team, we can work in different formats and rhythms. We are interchangeable and that’s very good. I am writing this article in the interval between the reporting session and budget issues and it is breathtaking on how much everything is going on.

    QIWI is a startup. Growing up, strong, big, international. We take great care of the spirit of entrepreneurship and an open look at business. On the other hand, in our structure there are many people with extensive experience, rare expertise, contacts.

    Accelerator QIWI Universe does not exist "in itself." It is like part of a large organism - the QIWI ecosystem. Many relationships of various types with the company must be built and maintained (legal, financial, business, etc.). This is a very complex but effective symbiosis. And acceleration is a two-way process. On the one hand, we transmit the experience and contacts of QIWI to the children, and we also transfer their tireless energy of creation to big business. Already, a lot of unspoken bundles of the QIWI project-employee have formed. The guys help, advise, coach and are just friends.

    One of my tasks is to moderate this process. Projects come to visit QIWI HQ, tell colleagues about themselves, test hypotheses, ask questions, use colleagues in focus groups, etc. We discuss joint foresight sessions with projects, for example.

    For mutual recognition and feedback, we hold the Become an Investor game for colleagues (everyone can "invest" virtual money in real projects in it). Inspired by the QIWI Universe hackathons, we conducted a hackathon in the office. The wave is raised and much more lies ahead. Further, we will further reduce and develop the distance between projects and colleagues.

    I am very pleased with what is happening. The coolest thing, in my opinion, is the burning eyes of the project participants.
    I wish the guys their progress in their ambitions. Do not stop, tear the market. We will help!

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