Tomorrow at 10:00 watch the first technology talk show about the clouds - Azure Business Talks

    Have you heard many times about the clouds, the business on the Cloud and the phrase that the future is in the clouds? But, don’t you see how this applies to you? Not understood, what is it all about? You can not separate the "advertising" from reality? Want to know why the number of companies using the cloud is growing rapidly? Why are cloud solutions good and dangerous? Who, when and why are they needed?
    Then September 18 at 10:00 (Moscow time) watch the broadcast of our first technology talk show Azure Business Talks . We hold the first technology talk show in order to find simple and understandable answers to the cornerstone questions, learn from fashion trends that become myths and that with reality, together with practitioners from existing businesses and experts from Microsoft.
    Broadcast player under the cut. Join now!

    We will discuss the most popular cloud application scenarios, as well as demonstrate examples of their implementation. A detailed program of the event is available on the website .

    But the main thing - this time we will not only talk, we will listen much more, and listen to you! You can become a real participant in a virtual event:
    • vote on reports and influence online content,
    • to see how other participants vote and communicate with them,
    • ask questions to the hosts and hear the answers on the air,
    • take part in competitions and receive prizes,
    • and also try to build through the Cloud the tallest tower in the world - Burj Khalifa, which reaches 828 meters!
    • but that’s not all - a number of large and small pleasant surprises await the participants during the event;)

    Watch the technology talk show Azure Business Talks , chat on Twitter ( #azuretalks ) and take part in contests in our groups on Facebook and VK

    Children's opinion about cloud technologies in this video:

    And what adult experts think about cloud technologies, you can find out on September 18 at 10:00 (Moscow time):

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