Google Public DNS Does Not Resolve Some Domains


In the past few months, complaints have begun to come from users that they often do not get mail from their partners. Mail was raised on its own server, so I began to study the logs. But there was nothing criminal in the logs. In addition, all the test emails that I sent to this domain from my mailboxes were excellent, and with a shrug, I decided that these were some local problems.

After a while, I got into the hands of the log sending a letter to our domain from another server, and then they hit me like a butt on the head. It turns out that their DNS tells the mail server that the domain name is not recognized.

Naturally, I immediately checked the domain registration, which showed that the domain is active, paid until next year and delegated to the registrar's DNS server. I started making queries on all available dns servers:

Request for my own DNS servers:
╤хЁтхЁ:  serv.domain.localAddress:
Не заслуживающий доверия ответ:
╚ь :     ufsin45.ruAddress:

Request to the root a-server:
Z:\> = = = int2.dns.ripn.netint2.dns.ripn.netinternetaddress =
int3.dns.ripn.netinternetaddress =
int3.dns.ripn.netAAAAIPv6address = 2001:6d0:ffd9:316:194:226:29:50
╤хЁтхЁ:  UnKnownAddress:
╚ь :     ufsin45.ruServedby:

And the most interesting is Google's favorite Public DNS:
*** не удалось найти ServerfailedZ:\>
*** не удалось найти Serverfailed

Knowing how many admins (yes, I think that many providers sin by this) without bothering to put these easy-to-remember numbers of IP addresses as the main name servers, I understand that our domain is losing visitors and, most importantly, trust in the mail service.

And not only ours. Around the same time, a user complained to me that he could not send mail to some very important person at his official address. Looking at the logs, I saw the same line that the DNS server can not recognize the domain name. Having quickly changed the address of forwarding from Google’s public servers to the addresses of Yandex public servers on their local DNS servers, everything went fine.

I honestly tried to find in the wilds of Google tech support who I can contact with this problem, but apparently their public name servers are a kind of side service, without infrastructure and support. And, judging by the increasing requests on the Google product forums, other forums, as well as the oral feedback of their colleagues, this problem is gaining momentum and, possibly, another free service of the Good Corporation will sink into oblivion ...

PS After heated discussions, with the help of a respected community, I come to the conclusion that Google is to blame only for the megapopularity of its resolver.
But the final reason has not yet been found ...

PPS I don’t know if the positive energy of the habrasociety has influenced this way, or someone from the people involved in the problem read this post and quietly corrected it, maybe the mysterious poltergey “played and gave”, or maybe the update of the SOA zone affected, but now everything is wonderful earned. All 21 servers resolved our domain. Once again, many thanks to all who answered, may the Great Information Force come with you! :)

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