Closing season discounts: the most interesting offers post sales Christmas sales in the US

    No time to explain, add this post to the "Favorites". The day after tomorrow, when you wake up after meeting the New Year, first open your eyes, and then your wallets and Internet banks, count the money left after the holiday meeting, and then visit here again to find out which of the post-Christmas sales in the US you can't miss.

    From the post-Christmas sales in the US, you can arrange a good Christmas shopping for Russia.

    The season of big discounts, starting in November from Black Friday, and smoothly flowing into Christmas sales, does not end with Christmas: the remains of unsold, returns, openbox goods- the season of discounts will finally be completed only by January 10. However, the most interesting, as usual, will end much earlier, so now is the time to see what can be found at a discount in the United States at this time of year.

    The end of the year discounts at Amazon are ending tomorrow : if you don’t want to miss a discount of up to 87%, then we recommend to stop by it before you cook the Olivier salad.

    Gamestop gives a day more , completing its sales on January 1. However, to find out at what discount you can buy PS4 or specific toys, you will need a VPN, because their IP addresses are banned from them. Unfortunately, we do not know whether they accept transactions from Russian cards, but the “ Full support ” service will save you from any problems, because we will not only provide you with a US shipping address, but also pay for the purchase for you from your local account. Nike

    Winter Sales will end on January 4 - it is worth hurry.


    On the Dealnews website you can find an excellent selection of discounts on fitness gadgets and just sports goods. From restored Fitbit trackers for $ 25 to bicycles at half price ($ 250 discount).

    If you dig around this site longer, you can find other interesting things: for example, a restored iPhone 6S with a 2-month warranty for $ 320 ( $ 19,500).


    The Getrabbit website offers Google Chromebook Pixel 32GB for $ 350 (the original price is $ 900, although it looks a bit overpriced for a piece of hardware with such modest characteristics).


    But Microsoft, without reservation, makes a very profitable offer on Surface Pro 4: only $ 699 ($ ​​42,700) for the version with 128 GB of memory ($ 300 discount). Microsoft, in principle, among zhelezyachnikov pleases with the biggest discounts - this we noted in the last review . However, maybe this means that it was necessary to immediately set prices a little lower?


    It is impossible not to mention, although this already turns out the heading "and you want, and prickly." It is pricked because, because of its size and fragility, we in principle do not recommend ordering large TV sets in the USA, i.e. There is a risk of damage when buying. But still a 50-inch TV for $ 270 (only 16 000₽). In our experience, television is still better to order no more than 32 "- in this case, offers with a discount start at $ 110 ( $ 667).


    Another interesting selection of discounts of different stores and types of goods is not only electronics, but also furniture, clothes and so on:

    We also post fresh tasty discounts that come across to us in our VK-public .

    And of course, do not forget to use coupons: there are many websites on the Internet with collections of discount coupons for various brands (for example, such a post-Christmas selection ).

    Buy while you can: According to tradition, with the first order - $ 5 discount on the supergeek promo code .

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