With 100,000,000 a day in a year!

    Congratulations to all developers on Programmer's Day!

    Let the bold code itself be repaired the next morning, managers and clients understand you perfectly, and let them always have time for leisure, family, friends and other non-computer joys of life!

    For those who want to learn something new in programming, we are pleased to provide a complete set of free training courses .
    For those who want to repeat the success of Perm students and become world champions, we are pleased to present the new Imagine Cup 2015 season.
    For those who are already creating a new IT hit in startup, we are happy to provide free cloud resources.

    Finally, for those who want to win MSDN Subscription for a year, we offer a simple opportunity:
    • embed the easter egg system in your program or website
    • post a screen or a link with a description of the mechanics in the comments
    • collect the most pluses

    Results will be announced on Monday.

    Update: Thank you very much for the feedback and participation in our little holiday fun.
    We decided to give the opportunity to get an MSDN subscription to two active members - kosmos89 and f0rk . We will contact you directly through messages.
    Thanks everyone!

    Only registered users can participate in the survey. Please come in.

    How do you celebrate the day of the programmer?

    • 37.1% rest 572
    • 35.4% rest, writing code 545
    • 37.3% do not celebrate 574

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