Sega has created an interactive sandbox for shopping centers and gaming halls

    The company Sega, which I think everyone knows on Habré, recently announced an interesting new project: an interactive sandbox for children. True, the project is so interesting that adults will also be happy to play in this sandbox (I would play a couple of hours, that's for sure).

    Similar projects have already been described a couple of times on Habré, but they were mainly DIY projects from individual craftsmen, and here is a project from a famous corporation that should go to the masses. Well, it's about a system consisting of a regular sandbox, projectors and several sensors that determine the height of sand figures in the sandbox. The system also has a computer that analyzes all the information received from the sensors and controls the projected image.

    If a child digs a hole in the sand, the projector immediately fills the hole with “water” and lets the fish swim there. If a child creates a hill, her computer considers it a hill or a mountain, and inhabits the corresponding animals. In addition, the projector colors the sandbox, depending on the height of the figures. The deeper the hole, the bluer it is - it seems that at the bottom there is deep water.

    The higher - the higher the hill becomes like a mountain.

    Among other things, in the sandbox there is also a change of seasons, you can observe all four seasons: summer, autumn, winter and spring.

    As for the virtual animals that inhabit the world created by the child, you can also interact with them. Animals react to the touch or action of the player in close proximity to such an "organism."

    Sega will supply such sandboxes, as mentioned above, for shopping centers, entertainment centers, gaming halls and other similar places. Presumably, children and their parents will be happy.

    Via nikkeibp

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