What is the Dark web?

    “Dark web” is part of the World Wide Web, which consists of an overlay network and a darknet, uses the public Internet and requires certain software, configurations or authorization to gain access. The post describes in more detail what “Dark web” is.

    What is the "Dark web"

    The dark web, sometimes called “Darknet” (the dark Internet) or “Deep Web” (the deep web) is part of the online shadow market. Dark web is a specialized group of sites where the identity of each user is hidden from the authorities, trackers and law enforcement agencies. Conventional search engines and standard web browsers cannot see Dark web pages. In essence, it is a private virtual space where people act anonymously to achieve their goals.

    The goal of the Dark Internet

    The goal of Dark web is to provide complete online anonymity with a security guarantee, where users can virtually interact with each other and not be afraid of the law. Dark web contains forums, informant blogs, one-to-one procurement services, online markets, documentation resources, etc.

    Positive: if you look, the Dark web acts as a haven of democracy and anti-corruption. Here, informants can report corporate and government misconduct to the press, without fear of persecution, declassify corrupt practices that are hidden from the public. This network has complete freedom of speech and information. Dark web is also a place where people from oppressive countries or repressive religions can find like-minded people and even get help. And of course, the Dark web is a refuge for journalists and people with a very non-standard way of life, to communicate on the network and not be afraid of reprisals.

    Negative: Dark web also has a dark side. It acts as a black market where you can buy or sell anything, any smuggling, a stolen item or illegally obtained information. Drugs, weapons, stolen credit card numbers, various pornography, money laundering services and even hiring killers - all this is on the Dark web.

    How Dark web works

    To work in the Dark web requires the installation and use of special software. To do this, you need to be quite an experienced user. There are two options: I2P protocol (Invisible Internet Project) and TOR protocol (The Onion Router). These are two different technologies that make work anonymous.

    TOR is a proxy system that allows you to establish an anonymous network connection that is protected from listening. TOR sites use the .onion domain name. Dark web surfing is usually faster with TOR.

    The I2P network is overlay, stable (disconnecting the node will not affect the functioning of the network) and anonymous. When transferring data between network nodes, encryption is used. It is inferior to TOR in speed, but I2P is more resistant to law enforcement supervision.

    In both cases, Dark web works using sophisticated mathematical encryption to encrypt the identity, network and location of the participant. All network traffic jumps from server to server around the world, making snooping impossible. Messaging is carried out using pseudonyms that are not associated with a real person. Most money transactions use bitcoins and third-party escrow services to protect the buyer and seller from dishonest trading.

    To participate in I2P or TOR, you need to install specialized encryption software, a special web browser. In the case of purchases, you must buy Bitcoins and install a Bitcoin wallet.

    Payment for goods and services on Dark Web

    Since PayPal or credit card payments provide personal information, Dark Web prefers bitcoins. In many cases, a third-party escrow service will act both on behalf of the buyer and on behalf of the seller, acting as a trusted intermediary in exchange for a commission.

    Bitcoin exchanges are carried out using anonymous account numbers (as well as accounts in Swiss banks, but with a greater disguise). These anonymous accounts are called Bitcoin Wallet. It is important to remember that bitcoin is not a regulated currency. Therefore, in the case of fraud or dishonest financial transactions, it will not work to contact the bank for a refund.

    Escrow Services

    Escrow services give an intermediary the ability to act as a trustee. The intermediary checks whether the buyer really has money to pay. Further notifies the seller that everything is in order. Before transferring funds to the seller, the intermediary waits for confirmation of the shipment of the goods to the buyer.

    Escrow services are sometimes provided by the darknet market itself (for example, the Nucleus website promises deposit services and dispute resolution for all of its customers).

    Smuggling Supply

    Like parcels from Amazon, the smuggled goods of Dark Web are delivered by regular mail or courier. The risk of buying on the Dark Web depends on the actions of law enforcement. Indeed, different countries have their own laws that relate to the inspection and opening of parcels.

    In the United States, mail and delivery services use X-rays, dogs, and a visual inspection to detect smuggling. If smuggling, drugs, weapons, and anything that violates the law seriously enough are found in the parcel, the government can appoint a secret agent to deliver it to the addressee. And with the help of tricks to extract from the recipient the recognition that he knows about the contents of the package.

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