Eternal hours

    I present to your attention a very interesting concept for any geek / system administrator / computer technician (underline) the Czech designer Ondrej Vaclavik . This concept is called "Eternal Clock" ( timeless watch ) and its main idea is that the strap hours no explicit "castle", but they are fixed with the aid of the premises fixed on one end of the strap USB-connector into a groove on the clock itself . Ask, what does eternity have to do with it then ?? That's right, not to do with it yet. This is the second part of the concept. The watch itself does not require a battery and its replacement, but is equipped with a battery that charges when the watch is connected to the computer with the USB connector described above. Unfortunately, the watch is not yet available and remains only a concept. I hope there are people who like this idea and they will help to realize it. In the meantime, we are waiting and admiring the ideas of the Czech designer on his website .

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