21st century

    “08.08.08 - thanks to this beautiful date, registry offices will have to work in emergency mode in all cities of Russia today. In the capital alone, about 1700 applications have been filed for those wishing to marry today, and they began to arrive from the beginning of the year. To cope with the flow, the registry offices officially extended the working day to nine in the evening, but, given the previous wedding boom on 07/07/07, they can work up to eleven. ”

    Yes exactly. 21st century. In Moscow, there are 3400 people who not only believe in this, but have postponed the wedding date for this, agreed to sign even at night and pay more money. This is only one of those who decided to get married this year. Ie such people at times, dozens of times more ...

    “35 followers of Kuznetsov in November last year took refuge in an underground cave, deciding to stay there until May, when, in their opinion, the“ end of the world ”was to come.
    After many days of negotiations in March and April, the sectarians left the cave, after which their shelter was blown up. During the seclusion, two women died.

    21st century?

    Google finds approximately 36.7 million pages for horoscope. 21st century?

    “The criterion of public awareness of science, researchers have answered the question:“ Is astrology a science? ”. It turned out that 48% of Russians surveyed consider it a science (against 18% who deny it). According to this indicator, Russia was in 29th place.
    What is the level of scientific literacy of Russians? 85% of the population believes that the Earth revolves around the Sun, and not vice versa. 72% of respondents have an idea of ​​the structure of the earth's crust (the movement of continents), 69% of the hot center of the Earth. 52% of Russians agree that human ancestors descended from animals. With the fact that electrons are smaller than an atom - 49%. 44% of Russians are aware of the origin of the Universe (the Big Bang Theory). 34% believe that man made radiation. Only a third of respondents represent how the laser works. If we compare the degree of correctness of answers to seven test questions, then Russia will be in 32nd place.
    The distribution of Russians by “types of innovative behavior” - their willingness to buy new products - showed that only 6% of the respondents belong to the category of “enthusiasts”, 27% to the category of “innovators”, 47% to the category of “conservatives” and 20% to "Anti-innovators." Compared to European countries, Russia was in last 30th place in terms of innovative behavior. ”

    This is our 21st century ...

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