New Berlin: accessories for Lumia

    Now that gadget lovers have breathed out after a busy week of premier mobile devices, it's time to talk about some pretty new accessories that we presented at the #morelumia special event along with our latest Lumia 830/730 DS / 735 and Lumia Denim update.

    HD-10 Wireless Media Adapter for Lumia Large Screen Display

    It can be assumed that this device will find a response in the hearts of many owners of large televisions (and Lumia, of course), but most likely the HD-10 will be based in office bargaining rooms, press rooms and other similar places. To some extent, the media adapter is another call to abandon laptops in favor of mobility, since the rest of the office ecosystem in Lumia has long been present.

    The HD-10 media adapter consists of two parts: a removable NFC-drive and the main unit, which is connected to a TV via a standard HDMI port, and to a charger via Micro-USB.

    Using a smartphone connected to the TV via HD-10, you can easily stream movies, Xbox games, PowerPoint presentations and other content via Bluetooth. To start the broadcast, just attach the smartphone to the disk and the image will immediately appear on the TV screen. After that, the user does not have to be near the base or keep an “NFC-bonfire” on hand, the main thing is to stay within the range of wireless communication. How it works in reality - can be seen from the following video:

    The adapter can transmit content with a maximum resolution of Full HD (1080p) and has Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Miracast support. The preliminary cost of the adapter (excluding taxes and fees) is 79 euros.

    Panel for wireless charging DT-903

    Our loved ones by many chargers are becoming not only more beautiful, but also intelligent. For example, the second generation wireless panel has learned to understand and notify the user that the Lumia charge is coming to an end.

    The thing is that in addition to the Qi and NFC standards that have already become traditional, the novelty is distinguished by Bluetooth LE support, which is responsible for the constant radio communication between the smartphone and the charger.

    It may seem to many that this is another “decoration”, but remember that the charger, as a rule, stands in a prominent place, and the phone most often remains in your pocket, bag or just disappears in the bowels of the apartment.

    To notify the user about the need for charging (when the charge is less than 30%), as well as about new SMS, emails or missed calls, the DT-903 panel is equipped with an ambient indication (read - highlight) located on the bottom of the device. In order to distinguish the type of notification from one another, users will be able to customize the scenarios of the indication.

    An intelligent wireless charging panel will be available in white, bright orange and bright green for about 59 euros.

    Deliveries of DT-903 and HD-10 to Russia will begin in the 4th quarter of this year, retail prices will be announced additionally.

    Housing for Lumia 735 Wireless Charger - CC-3086

    Wireless charging according to the Qi standard in the Lumia 735 is provided with the optional CC-3086 panel.

    Available in the same shades as Lumia, the cover with a built-in induction antenna is installed in place of the native rear panel and looks practically the same.

    Color options: dark gray, bright green and bright orange. Estimated cost - about 14.9 euros.

    Case for Nokia Lumia 830 Wireless Charging Case - CP-627

    For users who are worried about the continued preservation of the appearance of their Lumia 830, we have proposed additional protection for the case - CP-627. Covered in her strong embrace, the new vice-flagship smartphone will look no less impressive than with a standard cover.

    The bookcase is attached to the back of the smartphone. Soft microfiber lining protects the screen from dirt and light physical damage. The case, as well as the standard smartphone cover, is equipped with an induction antenna, so the Lumia 830 does not lose its support for wireless charging.

    The estimated cost of one of the three color options (a choice of dark gray, bright orange and bright green) will be approximately 24.9 euros.

    Wireless Charging Panel T-601

    Our smallest wireless charger today.

    Due to its compact size, the T-601 panel, working from any USB port, will be convenient for home use, for frequent trips or for constant carrying.

    Charging is presented in both bright and classic color versions: from black, white, yellow, blue, red and to a new orange. The recommended price for an orange charging panel is about 29 euros.

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