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Original author: Zineb on behalf of the Webmaster Tools Development Team
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Hello, Habr! Regardless of whether your site sells anything, simply informs visitors or is an entertainment resource, information about how users find your site and how it is presented in Google Search can help significantly. Improve search engine optimization, deal with conversion and clicks on internal links, evaluate the convenience for mobile devices ... in general, there are many applications for such a tool. Previously, such data could be viewed in the Search Queries report, which was one of the most popular features of our Webmaster Tools .

search query analysis - search analytics

It is clear that the requirements for such a demanded report are increased. In recent years, we have received many offers from site owners to expand existing capabilities. Someone wanted to compare traffic from mobile devices and ordinary computers, someone wanted the values ​​of indicators in different countries and for different periods of time. In general, you asked - we did. Meet: analysis of search queries - a new report in the "Tools for Webmasters", which allows you to analyze search traffic in more detail.

What's new?

Analysis of search queries offers you advanced opportunities for the analysis, systematization and display of indicators of your site in the results of Google Search. Now at your service is a thoroughly expanded set of filters for analytics results.

For example, an updated report will allow you to compare mobile traffic before and after April 21 this year, we changed the ranking algorithm for mobile web pages.

Multilingualism: now a tool, not a punishment

In a special category of wishes, one can single out work with several languages. The creators and owners of multilingual sites now have access to flexible configuration and filtering analytics with geolocation ranking. For example, now you can easily find out which users from which countries are interested in your brand: for this, select a report on impressions, apply a filter by the name of the company or product, and then combine the data by country.


Of course, the possibilities of the new report are not limited to these two examples. Analysis of search queries allows you to check website traffic in the smallest detail and based on these data to increase the efficiency of your projects. To improve the performance, we changed the operation of the algorithm: the results are different from the previous report “Search Queries”.

The new tool provides more accurate data, which are calculated by other algorithms. You can find out all the details in this article in our help center. So that you can get used to the changes or train your staff to work with new tools without losing efficiency when using the usual search engine optimization tools, the Search Queries report will be available in Webmaster Tools for three months.

We hope that the innovations will help you make your site more effective. You can share your opinion about this feature in the comments on this post or in our Google+ community .

If you have questions or need help with Search Analytics, please visit the Webmaster Help Forum .

Finally, we want to sincerely thank the leading participants of our forum and trusted testers for their suggestions and the invaluable help they provided us during the testing phase of the alpha version of “Search Query Analysis”. Thanks to them, we were able to significantly improve this feature.

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