Cards, money, two stars.


    It's easy to bet on New Year's Eve. So I bet it is useless to promote your phone applications in the absence of a lot of money.
    That amounts less than $ 10,000 can be considered a donation.

    Sober had to prove his thesis.
    I chose three well-known methods of paid promotion of the application to the masses.
    • Buying Reviews
    • Purchase advertising
    • Rating Buying

    No more than $ 200 was spent on each action.
    The old King of Hearts game was chosen as a guinea pig .
    The result of the bet is under the cut.

    Initial conditions. Before the experiment, the King of Hearts application brought in from 1 to 5 dollars a day. The average number of downloads is 10-20 per day. This is a classic offline card game for children, clerks and builders over a smoke.


    The review was ordered on the service .
    A letter came from these guys that they would do a review and newsletter for only $ 99, instead of the standard $ 200.
    I gave them the money, as a result I got a good review text in English and 10% -50% of additional downloads during the week.
    At the noise level, we will take 5 dollars off.

    Thus, the overall result of the review company is minus $ 95 dollars, but now I have a good English text in the chest that can be used somewhere.


    Advertising was bought on a radish. Or .
    I periodically published short links to my free games on this resource on the advice of one of the Habra users , and some of the ads were even successful. 1 time.
    I gave $ 100 (they take money very easily and conveniently) for advertising the game on the radish. The tariff was chosen - show to all suitable people within a week, until a hundred dollars run out.
    The result is 0 additional downloads.

    Thus, the total result of the advertising campaign is minus $ 100 dollars.


    Rating bought from service at the request IvanFF .
    The guys wrote me reviews for King for 3,000 rubles ($ 50 at the February rate) for 30 reviews with an average rating of 4.5 stars.
    5 stars seemed immodest and suspicious. In addition, as a bonus, I received 30 reviews on my three other applications.
    As a result, the rating of applications has risen, there has been a slight surge in downloads.
    To write a review, you need to download the game - maybe from here growth).
    In all applications except King, no additional revenue was found.

    For King, the situation is better. On admob advertising, no changes were found. But on an advertisement from Chartboost he received a surge in profits of up to $ 10 per day. 50 dollars spent, I think, beat off.
    The result is a positive rating and reviews. Apparently, the rating somehow affects the CPM.


    After the experiment, the King of Hearts app brings in between $ 3 and $ 10 per day. The average number of downloads is the same, 10-20 per day.


    To promote a mobile application in 2015, you need to spend large amounts and hit in all directions. Otherwise - money down the drain.

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