Google for Entrepreneurs: Google's concern for startups and entrepreneurs

    In the course of work on the previous article, we met with a project from Google, such as Google for Entrepreneurs. On one of the pages of the Google project, they said that they care about startups, as:
    “We started in the garage almost twenty years ago.”

    We decided to look for what other platforms and resources exist for startups and young entrepreneurs. In preparing the article, we used materials from Google support and .

    This summer, Google launched Google Business , a business platform that can expand the company's presence in search results. Using this platform allows you to deploy a full-scale marketing company that uses most of the usual tools of advertising and analysis. Moreover, the use of the site is not worth a dime.

    In addition to “Business,” there are several other Google sites and tools whose task is to help entrepreneurs in developing and promoting their project. Unfortunately, not all of them are focused on the Russian sector, but this does not make them completely inaccessible to the domestic entrepreneur.

    Google My Business Video

    Google for Entrepreneurs

    Google for Entrepreneurs includes many communities, tools and tools for developing startups:

    - Google Campuses for Entrepreneurs includes a coworking network in London and Tel Aviv. Three more campuses have recently been launched: Campus Warsaw, Campus Sao Paulo and Campus Seoul. Each campus offers its own programs, in addition, practically in each of them classes are held with business mentors, business incubators and other conditions for the successful development of a startup are created.

    - Startup Communitiescollaborates with companies that train entrepreneurs and help them work on their projects. Among the partners of the site can be found Startup Grind, UP Global, Blackbox Connect, American Underground, and Capital Factory.

    - Tools for entrepreneurs . Google and General Assembly (a company developing and distributing training video courses) have entered into a partnership that resulted in weekly lessons for entrepreneurs. The course allows you to improve your understanding of the basics of business, marketing and analysis, and also explains how some of Google’s tools work. The role of teachers are scientists, experienced businessmen and experts in the field of entrepreneurship.

    - Think with Google- An online magazine that publishes reports on Google research in the field of entrepreneurship, as well as other information that may be useful for developing and promoting a business, and increasing the efficiency of a businessman’s work. The site also has a number of tools for entrepreneurs: these are Brand Impressions, Mobile Advertising Company Calculator, Display Benchmarks and much more.

    - Google Business Groups are independent groups that are curated by Google. Such groups are composed of experts and enthusiasts. Visiting events is absolutely free. For some reason, such groups do not function in Europe and the CIS (see map).

    Another project:

    Startup Launchhelps professionals design, develop and monetize projects on the Google Developers platform. Here you can apply for access to the program, get information support from Google developers, take part in online events and get free access to training materials.

    Google Helpouts

    Helpouts is a platform from Google designed to sell the services that are provided through live video chat. Ample opportunities for creating and editing a profile, an impressive list of categories, flexibility in developing a tariff (you can set any prices for your time or help someone absolutely free).

    The simplicity of payment pleases, the resource accepts bank cards without problems.

    Google Small Business Community

    The Google Small Business Community is a group created on Google+ so that small businesses can get the help they need and succeed in e-commerce. The group provides information in text and video formats. Here you can find tips, recommendations and speeches of successful entrepreneurs, officials and specialists in the field of trade and promotion on the network.

    Google Enterprise Tools

    They are a set of offers and tools for companies and organizations. Includes corporate mail, which holds 30GB of information; tools for organizing online conferences in HD quality; calendar of events and tasks. The platform allows you to share files and tools, provides its own cloud at your disposal and perfectly synchronizes with all types of devices.

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