Nokia brand on Windows Phone will be replaced by Microsoft

Original author: Ali
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The resource announces the end of an era - Nokia branded phones are a thing of the past. Below is a translation of the news: The

internal confidential document that we received shed light on the future of Microsoft Mobile devices previously manufactured by Nokia. It's no secret that Microsoft is trying to hide the name of Nokia from the products, albeit so slowly. Regional sites has already begun to redirect visitors to Microsoft pages. And the word "Nokia" is almost never mentioned when it comes to new devices.

Now we can confirm that Microsoft will completely remove the Nokia brand from its devices, leaving Lumia as a brand for future devices. In fact, the Lumia 830 and Lumia 730 will be the last two phones to be released under the Nokia brand. Future devices will likely contain the words Microsoft and Lumia.

In addition, the document also shows that Microsoft is trying to get away from placing the Windows Phone logo on their devices in advertising and promotional materials, and will replace it with the standard Windows logo (without the word Phone). As we understand it, from a source familiar with the plans that this is part of the preparation to remove the Windows Phone logo, as part of a gradual integration with the desktop version of Windows in future updates (that is, it will not be Windows Phone 9).

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