LinkMeUp. Issue No. 19. Zelax company, technical support and data transmission through power lines

    The linkmeup podcast has repeatedly touched on PLC technology , with which you can organize a local network over existing wiring.
    This time we’ll talk about the technology of data transmission through power lines. This type of communication is used to transmit telemechanics and organize telephone communications between substations.
    Talk about this will Pavel Pasynok - head of Zelax technical support department. We will also talk about the company itself, the equipment manufactured and how the technical support works.

    Release News:

    1. New domestic manufacturer ( link )
    2. Submarine cable between Southeast Asia and the USA ( link )
    3. Big brother is following them ( link )
    4. The number of routes in BGP Full Veiw exceeded 512 thousand ( link )

    00: 00-00: 25: news.
    00: 25-00: 54: Paul’s story about the Zelax company.
    00: 54-01: 22: Technical Support Zelax.
    01: 22-02: 24: RF communication

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