Apple Watch: what they have been waiting for

    Today's Apple presentation is sure to go down in history as the most productive, and brought us the most long-awaited gadgets. The Apple Watch, which ushers in the era of the so-called wearable gadgets in Apple products, was finally presented today at a special event at the Flint Center in Cupertino.

    Contrary to expectations, the watch was called not iWatch, as they were dubbed a couple of years ago by journalists, but the Apple Watch, and in the end, they do not look like any concept that we saw a huge amount.

    The watch is waterproof, equipped with a wireless inductive charger and a “proprietary” MagSafe connector. As expected, the device has a number of sophisticated sensors on the back cover, which take readings about the well-being of the user from his wrist.

    The watch will be produced in two sizes - male and female (42 and 38 mm, respectively) and three collections - regular, sports and gold Edition with an 18-carat coating, in six different finishes, and a total of 18 kinds of different straps and bracelets.

    A square sapphire display with rounded edges contrasts with the round elements of the interface, made somewhat in a sporty style. The interface itself is fully optimized for the small dimensions of the wearable device. It can be adapted to any needs, you can change the design colors, the appearance of the dial, as well as a set of functions.

    For example, you can move the center area, and the clock will shift, and the main place will be given for information about stocks or location. On social networks, you can read messages and also reply to them using template commands.

    The Apple Watch has Siri, which, with such a small size, has special hopes for interacting with the user, as well as an integrated music player, so you can store your own music, playlists in it, and also connect to external speakers.

    In addition, in the demo, the head of development at Apple Watch Kevin Lynch showed icons and screenshots of a number of third-party applications designed specifically for the "apple" watch. The Wall Street Journal has already noted on this occasion that soon we will see a wave of development of applications for the new format and their appearance in the application store specially created for Apple Watch.

    It is worth noting that the watch from Apple will only be compatible with models starting from iPhone 5. Nothing was said about the weight of the Apple Watch and the battery capacity at the presentation.

    “The Apple Watch is the most personal gadget we have ever created,” said Tim Cook. “In addition, it is also a comprehensive medical and fitness device,” added the CEO.

    Apple watches will go on sale in early 2015 and will cost from $ 349.

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