The specifics of purchases of used goods on eBay: statistics, force majeure, security

    It’s no secret that in addition to new products, you can also purchase products on eBay that have already been used. They are sold under two conditions of sale: a fixed price (buy now) and an auction. What used eBay products do people in Russia and the CIS buy and why do they do it? After all, it is possible that by the will of Fortune at the Post Office they will pick up a piece worthlessly not at all what they wanted and eagerly expected from that side of the Atlantic. And if so, what to do in such cases and how to secure your financial investments in the purchase?


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    What used goods are bought on eBay?

    Having succumbed to the fashionable tendency to collect statistics on everything that is possible, we decided to study our base of “used orders” up and down. We will not say that the data presented below was collected specifically for this post, rather, on the contrary, this post is a consequence of the collection of such. In any case, the share of the charts should not be considered as a mirror image of the current state of affairs on the market, because there are suspicions that the categories, not to mention the numbers, will be different for different periods of time. But a certain tendency, nevertheless, can be discerned. However, this is a topic for a separate post-comparison.

    So, we will start with statistics on the most popular used goods categories from according to customers(purchase assistance service), which was collected by us for the first quarter of 2014. It is inexplicably glad that the category “Clothing, shoes and accessories” does not appear in it, from which, probably, we can conclude that “we have become better to dress” (c).

    Now a little deeper into each leading category.

    Musical Instrument Category

    Selling musical instruments in Russia is a profitable and high-margin business. The cost of similar goods abroad (and in the USA, in particular) may vary significantly, and not in favor of domestic stores. This is for new equipment. Our article and statistics are devoted to used goods. Therefore, the choice of a specific segment of our customers is obvious. In addition to guitars and wind instruments, the category “Audio Accessories” is in demand - these are samplers, drum machines, sound cards, microphones, synthesizers, monitors and more.

    Collecting Category

    Here, the choice of buyers is largely related to the number of offers. And, as you know now, supply creates demand. Separately, we mention Militaria products — military-themed items — from this category, not all are to be sent in international mail . Therefore, we recommend clarifying this possibility with our support.

    Category “Mobile Phones and PDAs”

    Surely, many of our customers, akin to Jean Baudrillard, do not consider the act of consumption as an achievement. That is why they choose more affordable, but still the same high-performance used smartphones and other pride of marketing and the whole world of digital technologies.

    Category "Toys and hobbies"

    Like “Collectibles”, the category “Toys and hobbies” is popular because of the huge number of offers. Many collectible goods are a priori used, and that is why this category has a place to be in our statistics.

    Category "Cameras and Camcorders"

    We will not open the big secret by writing that a good camera or camcorder is not the cheapest pleasure. Therefore, choose "used". I recall that in one of the reviews of the package, the young man shared his impressions of the views of family private photographs, which were based in abundance on a forgotten digital camera memory card.

    Consumer Electronics Category

    Products from this category are often bought in the "appendage" to the parcel. Although there are some items, entirely consisting of lots with consumer electronics.

    Music Category

    Demand is here for the original album releases, LP, EP (non-repression) and testpressing of the original editions.

    The above categories of products (and not only) can be found closer in our Russian-language eBay catalog .

    Feedback Time!

    In addition to collecting statistics, it became extremely interesting for us to obtain new knowledge about used goods and possible phenomena associated with the purchase of these, in order, firstly, to imagine possible options for the development of events and, secondly, to influence them. Therefore, in the second quarter of 2014, we decided to study the opinion of our customers about purchased used goods on eBay through a telephone survey. To do this, we used the simplest script, the content of which sought to find out only 2 points:

    1. Have you bought used goods on eBay, are you satisfied with its quality, and does it fully coincide with the expected / described in the product card?
    2. The second point is situational. “Yes, everything is ok” - thanks. “No, everything is not ok” - the reasons for the discrepancy between the received and the desired were found out.

    Sample size: 100 people. It

    turned out:

    Let's analyze for some segments:

    - segment “ Who are you? I did not call you! ": For some reason, it was difficult to answer the question.
    - segment “ Everything is somehow not very ”: a CDMA standard smartphone; external defects that do not match the product description; dissatisfaction with USPS international shipping rates; some damage during transportation.

    How not to get into the last segment and protect yourself in the process of purchasing both used and new products - we will tell you the paragraph below.

    Passion for the GTX 780

    Yes, there are times when the ordered product does not match the desired. This is true for new products, used goods, products with eBay or Taobao. Fortunately, we have not found in the history of calls, nor in the memory of a single “interesting” case with the receipt of used goods from eBay in recent times. Therefore, we will expand the story on the example of the case with the purchase of a new product on Taobao, which recently happened to one of our customers.

    A certain GTX 780 graphics card was ordered on Taobao , costing ¥ 148.00, which is approximately equal to $ 25. In the description of the product appears "成色: 全新" - "Condition: new" (thanks, Google Translate).

    What was expected:


    What happened:



    Possible reasons for what happened:

    despite the fact that the seller has a rather high rating, in China there are cases of the sale of low-quality goods with enviable frequency. Sometimes, due to the fact that scammers can simply buy some kind of account and sell a lot of junk through it. There can be many reasons, in fact. But what is presented in a single copy is the desire to be independent of this many reasons. How?

    Save you ufo

    Consider 4 cases using the same eBay as an example:

    1. You buy on your own and get the trash.
    Then you independently open a claim for the seller (in the case of eBay: the claim is submitted within 30 days from the moment the goods arrive), debate, find out the nuances of the return, send the goods back (usually at the seller’s expense), the seller realizes a refund.

    2. You buy yourself through our free MF and get trash
    Then you independently open a claim for the seller (in the case of eBay: the claim submission period is 30 days from the moment the goods arrived), have a dispute, find out the nuances of the return, send the goods back (usually at the seller’s expense, with the difference that we are the sender ), the seller realizes a refund. It should take into account the time limit for filing a claim - 30 days from the date of delivery to the addressee. In the case of MF, the addressee is the service warehouse, therefore, depending on the speed of the postal services, you may not have time to file the above claim and get your money back. You can avoid this as follows: order the service “ Check and photo MF". We check, take pictures. You get a photo, identify the “wrong”. Then return to the actions described in the first sentence of this subparagraph.

    3. You use our service "Assistance in the purchase" and trash arrives at the warehouse. You
    can identify unwanted goods in the same way - order the service " Check and photo of goods ". Then we carry out all the actions: open a claim, have a dispute, ship the goods, accept money from the seller, return them to your account in the Shopozz system.

    4. You use our "Help in the purchase" service, order a check and a photo of the product and you still get trash
    Sometimes it happens. For example, due to the fact that employees of transport companies played football with your dinner service. Just for such cases, we have a whole tariff called " VIP-Guarantor ". This tariff automatically includes the “Check and photo of goods” service, and also provides full insurance against theft, damage, loss and other unpleasant situations. By the way, all payments under the “VIP-Guarantor” tariff are made from Shopozz insurance budget, so the hardships with compensation from USPS and Russian Post bypass you.

    Addition to the above:
    service "Assistance in the purchase" Shopozz.RU ;
    free mail forwarding to USA Shopozz.COM .


    I would like to hope that the reader will not encounter all kinds of problems when ordering goods from abroad, which fell and did not fall into this post. But just in case, we will leave here a $ 10 promo code for the first 50 users (new or old) of Shopozz.RU. The promo code can be used to pay, for example, the “Check and photo of goods” service, deliver a parcel or buy out the goods themselves.

    Promo code: upasimenyanlo

    Activation limit: 50
    Valid until: 10.10.2014

    How to activate:
    1. register ;
    2. go to your profile;


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    Have a nice and safe shopping! Together with Shopozz.

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